What Can I Claim?

Car Accident Claims – What Can I claim?Accidents compensation

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident as a driver or a motorcycle rider who was not entirely at fault for the accident you have a right to claim accidents compensation. Call Now 1300 430 834.
You will also have rights to accidents compensation as a passenger or as a pedestrian hit by a vehicle.
If you have sustained an injury and suffered financial loss you will be entitled to claim losses arising from the injury sustained under the vehicle’s CTP (Green Slip) Insurance Company. ‘What can I claim?’ will depend on the losses you have sustained as a result of the accident.

What can I claim? Here are an example of items that you may be able to claim:

  • Loss of Earnings
  • Medical Expenses
  • Out of pocket expenses such as travel
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Lump sum compensation or permanent injuries
  • Injury compensation for pain & suffering
  • Lump sum payment for future economic losses

All the States and Territories have completely different laws, thresholds and entitlements which apply and therefore please contact us today for advice on your particular circumstances. To make a claim click here.

Even if you believe the accident is your fault or you are partly to blame, you may still have entitlements to accident injury compensation

In Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory you are also entitled to claim if you are injured in a fault accident and you should also contact us today for assistance. States and Territories in Australia have either a ‘fault-based’ or a ‘non-fault based’ accident injury compensation scheme.

If you were travelling on your way to or from work or for the purposes of work you may also have potential Workers Compensation entitlements. You should therefore Contact Us in this respect today by calling 1300 430 834.

By contacting our Accident Injury Compensation Helpline all your “What can I claim” questions will be answered. We offer free information, forms and advice. You may or may not benefit from the services of a solicitor or vehicle injury lawyer. We will let you know if a solicitor is required for your category of accident claim.

If we believe it is in your best interest, we will arrange for you to speak to one of our specialist solicitors who are experts in car accident whiplash claims and other types of vehicle related injuries.

By contacting Accident Injury Compensation helpline we will help you claim everything to which you are entitled. You may or may not require the services of a car accident injury lawyer (or auto accident lawyer). By having a free case review you can ensure all aspects of your claim are considered. If you are entitled to thousands of dollars in compensation, the solicitors we work with can help you get it.

Never accept an offer of compensation until you have received a second opinion from an independent party such as Accident Injury Compensation. If you don’t, or if you settle for a CTP claim, you could be losing thousands of dollars of compensation that is rightfully yours! Call today without delay on 1300 430 834 or click here to contact us.

It is worth remembering, accident injury compensation is your legal right. The laws in Australia protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians through legislation making insurance compulsory. Find out more about your accident injury compensation rights today!