Top tips from Accident Injury lawyers in order to receive sufficient accident injury compensation

A car accident can leave people with injuries that last forever. Sufficient compensation takes into account past and present losses and expenses as well as future foreseeable losses and expenses. An ordinary lump sum payment offered by an insurance company may not consider future losses and expenses.

In order to obtain everything to which you are entitled to under the law please read the following top tips from accident injury compensation lawyers. For more advice call 1300 430 834.

Report the incident

Reporting the car accident or road accident to the police is essential. Failing to report the incident may affect your legal rights down the track. There are strict time limits in which to report an accident. It is recommended you do so as soon as possible following the accident.

Gather evidence

If you can, take photos of the accident scene with a camera or a camera on your phone as this may support your insurance claim and help the car accident injury lawyer determine how the crash occurred.

Getting the right medical attention

It is wise to seek medical attention straight away following a road accident. You might have serious injuries and they may not be obvious. Injuries left untreated might get much worse. The doctor will give you a proper examination and provide medical advice for your recovery. It’s important to follow his or her advice.

If you lodge a claim for injury compensation you will need medical reports to support your claim. As your vehicle injury lawyer puts together a case file they will need all the necessary supporting documents and this includes medical reports.

Get the right advice

Getting the right advice early on will help you to understand what has happened and where you can go from there moving forward. An accident injury compensation helpline will answer your questions and if it is necessary will connect you with car accident lawyers for further advice. An accident injury compensation helpline is a free community service providing free information, advice and forms when needed.

An accident injury claim will aim to reimburse you for losses and expenses and may also take into account foreseeable future losses and expenses for example future lost wages or future medical bills.

Lodge a claim

You must always remember to lodge your claim for accident injury compensation and must do so as soon as possible following your accident and after seeking medical attention and the right advice. It is very important to remember that STRICT TIME LIMITS apply and therefore claims must be lodged within a strict time frame. Sooner rather than later is recommended.

As part of your claim you may be entitled to lost wages or salary, hospital & medical expenses, reasonable travel expenses to receive treatment, the cost of rehabilitation expenses  i.e. Chiropractic and a lump sum payment for pain and suffering and economic losses.

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