Top tips from Accident Injury lawyers in order to receive sufficient accident injury compensation

A car accident can leave people with injuries that last forever. Sufficient compensation takes into account past and present losses and expenses as well as future foreseeable losses and expenses. An ordinary lump sum payment offered by an insurance company may not consider future losses and expenses.

In order to obtain everything to which you are entitled to under the law please read the following top tips from accident injury compensation lawyers. For more advice call 1300 430 834.

Report the incident

Reporting the car accident or road accident to the police is essential. Failing to report the incident may affect your legal rights down the track. There are strict time limits in which to report an accident. It is recommended you do so as soon as possible following the accident.

Gather evidence

If you can, take photos of the accident scene with a camera or a camera on your phone as this may support your insurance claim and help the car accident injury lawyer determine how the crash occurred.

Getting the right medical attention

It is wise to seek medical attention straight away following a road accident. You might have serious injuries and they may not be obvious. Injuries left untreated might get much worse. The doctor will give you a proper examination and provide medical advice for your recovery. It’s important to follow his or her advice.

If you lodge a claim for injury compensation you will need medical reports to support your claim. As your vehicle injury lawyer puts together a case file they will need all the necessary supporting documents and this includes medical reports.

Get the right advice

Getting the right advice early on will help you to understand what has happened and where you can go from there moving forward. An accident injury compensation helpline will answer your questions and if it is necessary will connect you with car accident lawyers for further advice. An accident injury compensation helpline is a free community service providing free information, advice and forms when needed.

An accident injury claim will aim to reimburse you for losses and expenses and may also take into account foreseeable future losses and expenses for example future lost wages or future medical bills.

Lodge a claim

You must always remember to lodge your claim for accident injury compensation and must do so as soon as possible following your accident and after seeking medical attention and the right advice. It is very important to remember that STRICT TIME LIMITS apply and therefore claims must be lodged within a strict time frame. Sooner rather than later is recommended.

As part of your claim you may be entitled to lost wages or salary, hospital & medical expenses, reasonable travel expenses to receive treatment, the cost of rehabilitation expenses  i.e. Chiropractic and a lump sum payment for pain and suffering and economic losses.

Road accident Claims; – Passengers unaware of their right to claim too

Road Accident Claims For Accident Injury Compensation

When road injuries have occurred the passengers seem to get medical attention make a claim accident injury compensationand that’s it. What many do not realise is that their injury might become an ongoing problem and exist for many years to come.

In such cases the passenger must obtain injury compensation. Accident injury compensation will help with future costs and expenses relating to the sustained road injuries. Click here to find out what you can claim or call 1300 430 834.

Generating awareness

Road injuries may impact a persons’ life in a number of ways. When it comes to permanent injuries it’s important to plan ahead. Thinking about what expenses might you be faced with down the track has to be considered. Also whether or not you will be returning to work will impact your level of income AND your ability to maintain a given level of income.

Future foreseeable expenses

If you cannot return to the same place of work you may find yourself having to re-train for a new career path. Education and training might be a future foreseeable expense.

You might require home help such as cleaning, nannies, gardeners and so on. You might have future therapy and medical equipment costs to consider.

A car accident injury lawyer or vehicle injury lawyer is recommended to get the best possible result from the insurance company concerned.  An accident injury lawyer is in a better position to obtain a fair outcome regarding accident injury compensation.

Reaching out

By reaching out and speaking with the right people you can gain accident injury compensation. It’s important everything has been noted. Below are some essential points it’s worth remembering;

  • Accident injury compensation for road injuries is your legal right
  • The road accident must be reported
  • Road injuries need to be examined and treated by a doctor
  • Everything needs to be documented
  • Photos of the road injuries will support your claim
  • An injury helpline can assist you with information fact sheets and forms
  • A vehicle injury lawyer can make a list of scheduled items past and future
  • Auto accident lawyers offer no win no fee arrangements
  • An injury helpline can connect you with an approved accident injury lawyer
  • One phone call to an injury helpline will put your mind at ease if you are worried about the future
  • Even if the driver in a road accident drives off and is unknown you may still have rights
  • Even if the road accident is partly your fault you may still be entitled to injury compensation
  • An accident injury lawyer takes care of everything including all the paperwork, preparing, negotiating and settling your claim
  • Never accept an offer of injury compensation until you have sought road injuries advice from an injury helpline. One a claim has been accepted it may then be the end of a claim and the end of any future claims

To make a claim or for an independent review click here to contact us or call 1300 430 834. We are here to help every step of the way to ensure you are sufficiently compensated. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and offer minimum payouts. With support you can get everything to which you are entitled and untimately this will help you in the long run.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Injury Compensation and Negligence Claims

You need to know your rights to injury compensation. As our roads get busier the chances of suffering a road accident is increasing due to negligence. Many drivers, passengers and pedestrians who are injured in road accidents suffer serious injuries. These injuries are usually at the fault of another person. If an individual caused an accident even just slightly, they may be considered negligent. Liability can be split between parties or be ‘contributory’.make a claim accident injury compensation lawyer

Establishing negligence is not always an easy task, nor is proving it. As much evidence as possible is required, in order to support any accident injury compensation claim. Supporting documents might include police reports, medical reports, witness statements and so forth. An accident injury attorney is able to assess cases of negligence and it‘s wise not to make the call yourself. To get further free advice call 1300 188 784.

Road accident compensation will not only cover damages to your car but you may also be awarded damages for your injuries. In order for you to obtain your full injury compensation entitlements you may require an accident injury lawyer or vehicle injury lawyer. The road accident compensation granted will depend on the seriousness of the accident and extent of injuries.

Laws across Australia do vary and your entitlements will also depend on where the accident happened. You can contact a national injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline who can connect you with a local specialist lawyer or law firm. Accidents can be categorised into different types such as claiming as a car accident as a driver or passenger, a pedestrian accident or a bike accident. Other road accidents may include truck accidents, bus accidents. If you have been injured off the road i.e. in a train accidents or an accident at work you may also have negligence claim entitlements.

You must follow the right procedures in order to ensure your accident injury claim runs smoothly.

Step one:  Get medical attention

The first step is to call an ambulance for urgent medical attention, even if you do not think you are badly injured. Your injuries may be worse then they seem.

Step two: Report the accident

You must report the accident to the police. This is extremely important and you need to do it straight away. Strict time limits apply and these vary between States. Contacting the police is the first legal step and an essential one. For information on time limits in each State call 1300 188 784.

Step three: Request details

Next get the details of the other driver including name, address, phone number, licence number and car rego number.

Step four: Gather evidence

If you are able to, take a photo of the accident spot. Cover areas that show distinct marks of the accident such as skid marks and anything else that may be useful to demonstrate how the accident happened. You can take photos of the damaged cars including the doors and windscreen.

Step five: Gather witnesses

If there are any witnesses to the accident, ask them for their contact details including their name and address. Their statement could prove very valuable to you.

Step 6: Get a thorough medical review

Ensure you receive proper medical attention and follow all advice given. If your symptoms change or your pain gets worse return to the hospital as quickly as possible. If in doubt get a second opinion. Injuries that are serious or long term will need to be closely monitored.

Step 7: Get advice

Contact an Accident Injury Compensation Helpline on 1300 188 784 for an independent review of your claim entitlements. You may require a lawyer to act on your behalf and injury helpline can connect you with a recommended lawyer if required. They may advise you of how to claim, send you claim forms to complete and provide assistance with completing accident claim forms.

Step 8: Lodge a claim

Claim forms must be completed and submitted within a given time frame. Again sooner rather than later is the best approach as you may lose your legal right to claim compensation depending on your State.

Insurance companies can sometimes try to find grounds of not paying. This is why it is best to get independent advice first so you are aware of what to do, what not to do and what your options are. For more information on Accident Injury Compensation and for free advice call 1300 188 784.

Three Worst Mistakes You Can Make Regarding Accident Injury Compensation

Common Accident Injury Compensation Mistakes

There is nothing worse than suffering a serious accident and watching your rights and entitlements to accident injury compensation disappear before your very eyes all because of what might be a simple mistake.

Just a simple mistake can set you back sending you up a creek without a paddle. This is the last thing you need after suffering injuries. Some injuries once settled become permanent and this can affect your life in many ways.

Accident injury compensation may be your legal right but unless you are in the know in terms of what to do, you may as well be kissing goodbye to these rights. The purpose of accident injury compensation is to reimburse you for losses and expenses enabling you to invest time in rehabilitating instead of worrying about money.

Knowledge is key; what not to do!

Be aware of the worst mistakes you can make to avoid losing your legal rights to accident injury compensation.

Mistake number one: Not reporting the injury or accident

Whether you have had an accident at work, on the road or in a public place it has got to be reported to the appropriate people. If you suffered an injury at work you must notify your employer. If you have been involved in a car accident or have suffered an injury as a driver, pedestrian or as a passenger you need to report the incident to the police. There are different laws across Australia in each State or Territory but most road accidents have to be reported within 28 days.

Mistake number two: Failing to seek medical attention

All injuries need to be documented and medical attention received immediately following an accident. Even if you think you are ok, a thorough examination is necessary for health reasons and if injury compensation is likely to be sought.

If you suffer an injury and continue on as if nothing has happened how do you know that injury will heal? You don’t. Men in particular are slack when it comes to visiting the doctor. This complacency will not assist with an accident injury compensation claim.

You cannot make a claim three months after an accident and then exclaim an existing injury is as a result of an accident that occurred in the past. There may be a lack of evidence between the incident and the injury and this will affect your ability to claim.

Mistake number three: Failing to get independent information

Your employer or work compensation insurer i.e. Workcover (or other workers comp insurer) may offer statutory benefits but not give out further information on non-statutory rights to claim. If you have been involved in a car accident, the insurance company involved won’t advise you of your rights to claim. Insurance companies have an objective to minimise payouts as it is in their best interest to do so.

Never accept an injury compensation payout until you have received a second opinion by an independent organisation. Once accepted that may be the end of your claim and the end to all your future rights to claim further injury compensation.

Independent information can be obtained from an accident injury compensation helpline. Click here to contact us or call 1300 430 834.

The hidden benefits of car accident lawyers

Car Accident Lawyers – how you can benefit

You have been injured in a car accident or other accident on the road as a driver, passenger or as a pedestrian you may have entitlements to accident injury compensation. Call 1300 188 784 for free accident advice.

So what do you do if you have been involved in a car accident? Well, firstly, the laws in each State and Territory of Australia are different. This means your entitlements to accident injury compensation will depend on where your injury happened.

If you have been involved in an accident there are correct procedures to follow so you do not affect your rights to make a claim and entitlements to accident injury compensation.

What is the best thing to do?

The best action you can take to save you time, heartache and get some peace of mind is to contact an independent organisation such as the Australian Injury Helpline. Call 1300 188 784.

By being in the know, you will feel more confident with the process and how it works. You will also be made aware of your entitlements and rights.

You will be informed with what to do and what not to do. You will be told about the timings and options you have at each stage of the accident injury compensation claims process.

If your injury is serious you will need to discuss your claim with a car accident lawyer. If you would like a free case review, call 1300 188 784 and you will be connected with a lawyer who has the right expertise. These accident injury lawyers are specialist solicitors in your State or Territory and have been hand-selected by the Australian Injury Helpline.

One very important thing to be aware of is the strict time limits for reporting an accident and for lodging a claim. Click here to find out what you can claim.

It is very important to get advice straight away following an accident. If you do not take action within a given time frame, you may miss out on accident injury compensation that legally and rightfully belongs to you.

A car accident injury lawyer will assist in fighting for your rights and setling your injury compensation claim ensuring your payout is maximised.

Accident injury lawyers or a vehicle injury lawyer can make a big difference to the outcome of your accident injury compensation claim by negotiating the best possible settlement.

Call 1300 188 784 to be connected with an auto accident lawyer or car accident lawyers for a free case review or click here to contact us.

Car Accidents; the Nightmare Has Only Just Begun

Car accidents are a nightmare. Despite the fact that you are likely to be in shock or worse seriously injured, you do need to follow the right procedures the whole way through from the very beginning. Following protocol is extremely important.

Reporting the incident to the police, seeking medical attention and lodging a claim are all procedures that need to be followed. These procedures usually need to be completed within a given time frame so you don’t jeopardise your insurance claim.

Insurance companies can also be a difficult to deal with, to say the least. If you have been injured in a car accident and your injury is serious or permanent, it is extremely wise to seek legal advice. You may be entitled to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. In this case, an accident injury lawyer will negotiate the best settlement (car accident injury claim) for you.

If you have a large insurance claim, a car accident lawyer (or accident injury lawyer) can prepare your claim and fight for everything you are entitled to. If you choose to deal with the insurance company directly yourself, there is a good chance they will offer you the lowest possible payout.

By engaging an accident injury lawyer to obtain your accident injury compensation, there is a good chance you will maximise your accident injury compensation payout.

When you have been injured, fighting a battle is probably the last thing you want to do. Mustering up the energy to get advice and possibly a vehicle injury lawyer involved to fight your claim, is advised. An auto accident lawyer will take care of everything so you can focus your attention on what is really important “getting well”.

Compensation for pain and suffering is usually awarded when the other driver was at fault. The amount of accident injury compensation will depend on a number of different factors. Every case needs to be assessed individually and an auto accident lawyer can offer a free case review. The main factors for determining accident injury compensation include:

  • Where your accident happened i.e. which State or Territory
  • Whether or not the injury is permanent
  • How severe the injury is and what the level of impairment is
  • Whether or not negligence was involved either fully or partially

Seek advice by contacting an accident injury compensation helpline. The services offered include a free case review and free referral to a recommended specialist accident injury lawyer.

Strict time limits do apply so make contact today and get the right information and guidance.

Car accident lawyers – are they really worth it?

The general consensus is car accident lawyers can be extremely valuable particularly if an injury is serious and results in a permanent injury. Involving car accident lawyers from very early on is best as all aspects of the claim will be considered.

Different laws across Australia make it difficult for an injured person to know what their rights are. A specialist lawyer, such as a car accident lawyer will be able to advise you of your entitlements. Contact the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 188 784 to arrange free legal advice with a car accident lawyer or vehicle injury lawyer.

For example, in some parts of Australia accident injury compensation is awarded when the other driver is at fault. In other parts, depending on where you live it may be awarded regardless of who was at fault

There are all sorts of thresholds that apply which will determine your entitlements.

Speaking with a car accident lawyers you can find out exactly what you can claim. To fight for everything you are entitled to alone can be tough. Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging as it is their job to minimise payouts. A car accident lawyer has your interests at heart and they want to win the best possible results for you.

Car injury lawyers are expert negotiators and will have a far greater chance getting what you are entitled to from the insurer.

By engaging the services of a car accident lawyer you may maximise your insurance claim. For example, you may not even think about some of the things you can actually claim for. Future expenses, such as trips to the physio of chiro and other essential items including medical equipment or materials. Even things like home assistance including cleaning and gardening may also be an expense incurred. You may be entitled to claim for all these items. A car accident lawyer will ask you all the right questions and establish a list of claim entitlements.

The next important question is – how can you find a good car injury lawyer?

The Australian Injury Helpline a free referral service to reputable law firms. They only select law firms who have a high success rate of settling cases out of court. They also work with specialists who are of the right size so all their clients receive a personalised service. Call 1300 188 784 today and be connected with a specialist solicitior.

Crash victims right to thousands in accident injury compensation

Car crash victims are quite often unaware of their entitlements to accident injury compensation. Dealing directly with an insurer means they will most likely offer you the lowest possible payout. So the question is “What can you do?” to make sure you get everything to which you are entitled to under the laws in the State or Territory in which the motor vehicle accident occurred.

Well the first thing to do is to follow all the correct procedures and this includes speaking to the right people which may include a specialist solicitor. Here is a step by step process to follow when you have been involved in a car accident.

Gather information

Gather as much information as possible. This includes full contact details of the other drivers involved and any witnesses. Also try to obtain police reports and witness statements if possible. In order to claim for accident injury compensation the incident MUST have been reported to the police. Report the incident immediately if you haven’t done so already

Seek medical attention

Seek medical attention right away. You may think you are ok but proper examination is a must. Some injuries like whiplash are not felt straight away. Documenting all medical treatment is required, even to the extent of keeping a daily dairy of how you feel, what treatment you had that day, and where you had the treatment. When it comes to accident injury compensation claims the more information to support your claim the better. Documenting all your medical examinations is necessary to support your insurance claim.

Lodge a claim

There are strict time limits that apply to lodging a claim. It is important to do so straight away. If you need forms or advice on how to complete the forms you can contact the Australian Injury helpline who offer free services to accident victims. Find out what you can claim and how to make a claim by calling the Accident Injury Helpline on 1300 188 784.

Speak to a lawyer

It can be hard to find a good lawyer and is best to seek advice from one who is recommended and a specialist in your type of claim and under the laws in the State or Territory of injury. The Australian Injury Helpline (1300 188 784) offer a free information service to injured victims and also a free referral service to specialist solicitors. Solicitors are hand selected and recommended based upon success rates and level of personalised services.