Accident Specialist Solicitors

solicitorsAccident Specialist Solicitor might be essential depending on your type of claim. In order to obtain sufficient injury compensation, the services of a solicitor may mean a difference in several thousands of dollars in compensation.
This is why we strongly urge people to contact the free helpline on 1300 430 834. You will have all your questions answered and find out if you  require the services of a solicitor. We will only suggest engaging with a solicitor should it be in your best interests to do so.

The solicitors we work with:

Our solicitors specialise in motor accident injury claims, work compensation claims and trip slip and fall claims. Solicitors specialise in personal injury law, car accident injury, vehicle injury, an area of the law in the same way doctors specialise in certain areas of medicine.

Even some specialist personal injury solicitors deal in specific areas injury, i.e. workplace, asbestosis, motor vehicle injuries, slip & trips, etc

By getting access to this unique Panel you will receive the best advice and, if required, representation from a specialist motor accident injury solicitor.

Are specialist no win no fee solicitors. Acting on this basis means they only get paid if you win the case and to do so they must have confidence in their ability to win – which is what you want!

As a rule the solicitor should also finance disbursements (medical reports, investigator’s reports, etc). It is appreciated that if injured and off work to pay such expenses can be impossible

Strict time limits apply to lodging all vehicle accident claims and also, commencing legal action. Fail to meet these deadlines and irrespective of the severity of the injuries suffered you could end up with no compensation. Therefore, get an accident injury lawyer to help you as soon as possible.

The laws in all the States and Territories is completely different and therefore not only do you need a specialist but they need to be a specialist in the laws of the State where the compensation claim needs to be made. Sometimes this can vary depending on circumstances and is not just as simply as defining where the injury / accident occurred.

Also the laws in the States and Territories is constantly changing and you require a specialist ‘across’ the legislation to ensure you receive your full compensation entitlements. Click here to find out what you can claim.

Irrespective of all the adverts from insurance companies that you see every day, the facts of the matter are that whilst they want to take your insurance premium ASAP they do not like paying out. They try and settle every claim for as little as possible and you require specialist representation to ensure you are not ‘ripped off’ as once a figure is agreed it is all but impossible to go back for further payments.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident please contact Accident Injury Compensation Helpline Australia on 1300 430 834 today for immediate assistance.