A serious accident caused by a negligent driver raises all sorts of issues pertaining to accident injury compensation

There are many issues that arise following a motor vehicle accident. You may be asking yourself various questions such as:

  • What if I don’t know who is at fault?
  • What happens if I don’t get the drivers details?
  • What if you were partly to blame?
  • What is negligence?
  • What is a CTP Green Slip?
  • What am I entitled to claim under the law other than the damage to my car?

    negligent drivers and accident injury compensation

These questions need to be answered and explained in a way you will easily understand. These types of issues can lead to much more anxiety than what you are already experiencing as a result of the accident.

Making a claim for motor accident injury compensation – How to make a claim

In order to make a claim for accident injury compensation there are processes that need to be followed. Here is how the claims process works; – first any incident must be reported and medical attention must be sought. These things are crucial otherwise there may be no proof of accident or injury ultimately this will affect your claim. Call 1300 430 834 to make a claim.


Injury compensation entitlements

Finding out what you may claim can be a tricky task and a good question is where is the best place to start? An Accident Injury Helpline is a good starting point. As an independent organisation they will assist with providing forms, free information and if you need legal advice they will arrange a recommended lawyer to contact you to discuss your matter further.

Injury compensation benefits

Injury compensation benefits might include reimbursement of hospital and medical expenses, payment of your salary or wages whilst you are off work, rehabilitation expenses, travel expenses and any other financial

losses or out of pocket expenses you may have incurred as a result of your injury or accident. If your injury happened on the way to of from work you also may be entitled to work compensation benefits. Once you have spoken with an accident injury helpline you will gain a better understanding of the benefits you are entitled to.

Determining negligence

The job of a lawyer is to determine negligence for this is not your job. Never assume you know who is to blame. Even if you think it was your own fault, determining negligence is the job of a lawyer. Never believe an accident was your fault until you have spoken with a lawyer. Often parties can share blame although you may still be compensated.

Contributory negligence

What is it contributory negligence? This is a term used for people who share negligence.
It might affect your injury compensation claim and if you have contributed your injury compensation will be reduced accordingly.

Contact an injury helpline for free information, forms and advice and to gain access to recommended vehicle injury lawyers whereby you can obtain free legal advice.

Important things to remember!

• Always report the accident to the police – strict time limits apply
• Always get medical attention straight away
• Follow the doctors advice
• Always contact an accident injury compensation helpline as soon as possible following the accident to find out your rights and the correct procedures

Call 1300 430 834 to make a claim today or click here to contact us.

Insurance Claim and your right to a vehicle injury lawyer

Are people even aware of their right to a vehicle injury lawyer

A road accident can leave people in utter turmoil especially when it is unknown if a family member or a friend will pull through without any permanent damage to their physical or mental health. However, in many instances this is not the case and people with road injuries are left unable to walk, talk or take care of themselves let alone their family. Who is to blame for the accident? If there is a negligent party then liability needs to be determined. Even if a person believes no one was to blame or blame themselves, negligence can be less obvious and determined by a car accident lawyer.make a claim accident injury compensation

Whilst the horror of knowing injuries might be permanent, there are procedures to consider which need to be followed to support an accident injury compensation claim. Call 1300 430 834 today.

The role of a vehicle injury lawyer

Accident injury compensation (CTP Green Slip claim) can be obtained through the engagement of a vehicle injury lawyer.   A vehicle injury lawyer will;

•    Fight to get the maximum compensation you are legally entitled to
•    Claim for past, present and future economic losses because of a road accident
•    Fight for a lump sum to compensate you for your pain and suffering
•    Prepare your claim gathering the necessary reports and schedule of losses
•    Negotiate and aim to settle out of Court a fair accident injury compensation award

If your injury has impacted your health and you believe you might need to discuss your road accident with a vehicle injury lawyer it is wise to contact an accident injury helpline.

An injury compensation helpline offer free services which include;

•    Free information
•    Free forms
•    Free case review
•    Information on what to do when you have been involved in a road accident
•    Arranging free legal advice with a no win no fee vehicle injury lawyer

You don’t have to deal with the aftermath of an accident alone. A vehicle injury lawyer will support you when you need it most. With a vehicle injury lawyer you are more likely to get a fair injury compensation payout.

Insurance companies are not big fans of paying out insurance claims following a road accident and might offer a minimal amount of injury compensation. It can sometimes be difficult to deal with an insurance company when discussing a payout.

An insurance company does not have to give you everything you are entitled to. In fact unless you ask the legal questions of a lawyer you may not be aware of your legal entitlements.

With a vehicle injury lawyer on your side you may be offered a much better lump sum payment that you would otherwise be offered. To make sure you do all the right things and to find out if you need an injury compensation lawyer to negotiate a CTP Green Slip compensation claim. Call 1300 430 834 today!

Top tips from Accident Injury lawyers in order to receive sufficient accident injury compensation

A car accident can leave people with injuries that last forever. Sufficient compensation takes into account past and present losses and expenses as well as future foreseeable losses and expenses. An ordinary lump sum payment offered by an insurance company may not consider future losses and expenses.

In order to obtain everything to which you are entitled to under the law please read the following top tips from accident injury compensation lawyers. For more advice call 1300 430 834.

Report the incident

Reporting the car accident or road accident to the police is essential. Failing to report the incident may affect your legal rights down the track. There are strict time limits in which to report an accident. It is recommended you do so as soon as possible following the accident.

Gather evidence

If you can, take photos of the accident scene with a camera or a camera on your phone as this may support your insurance claim and help the car accident injury lawyer determine how the crash occurred.

Getting the right medical attention

It is wise to seek medical attention straight away following a road accident. You might have serious injuries and they may not be obvious. Injuries left untreated might get much worse. The doctor will give you a proper examination and provide medical advice for your recovery. It’s important to follow his or her advice.

If you lodge a claim for injury compensation you will need medical reports to support your claim. As your vehicle injury lawyer puts together a case file they will need all the necessary supporting documents and this includes medical reports.

Get the right advice

Getting the right advice early on will help you to understand what has happened and where you can go from there moving forward. An accident injury compensation helpline will answer your questions and if it is necessary will connect you with car accident lawyers for further advice. An accident injury compensation helpline is a free community service providing free information, advice and forms when needed.

An accident injury claim will aim to reimburse you for losses and expenses and may also take into account foreseeable future losses and expenses for example future lost wages or future medical bills.

Lodge a claim

You must always remember to lodge your claim for accident injury compensation and must do so as soon as possible following your accident and after seeking medical attention and the right advice. It is very important to remember that STRICT TIME LIMITS apply and therefore claims must be lodged within a strict time frame. Sooner rather than later is recommended.

As part of your claim you may be entitled to lost wages or salary, hospital & medical expenses, reasonable travel expenses to receive treatment, the cost of rehabilitation expenses  i.e. Chiropractic and a lump sum payment for pain and suffering and economic losses.

Do you need an Accident Injury Attorney to ensure you receive all your entitlements?

If you have been injured at work or have suffered a road accident injury you may be entitled to injury compensation.  Unfortunately most people who have suffered a work injury or motor accident injury are not aware of their rights and this can have a big effect on your future.  The process of making an Injury Compensation Claim can be daunting as there are many factors to consider especially when it comes to knowing your rights and exactly what you are entitled to. For further advice call 1300 430 834.

Know Your Entitlements!

When it comes to Injury Compensation Claims, there are different laws for different states in Australia and this affects the benefits and entitlements you may be able to claim. In order to protect your future it is extremely important to know exactly where you stand when making your claim.

The different benefits you may be entitled to claim can include some of the following:

  • Loss of wages or salary
  • Travelling expenses to receive treatment
  • Hospital & medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses  i.e. Chiropractic
  • Lump sum payment

Missing out on any one of these entitlements through lack of knowledge or awareness can make a big difference to your compensation claim.  It is necessary to cover all possibilities as this can affect unknown difficulties you may encounter in the future as a result of your injury.  With so many variations there is a need for an independent opinion based on your personal situation.

The Benefits of an Accident Injury Attorney

Many Insurance companies can be extremely difficult to deal with and often make offers that are way below the amount of compensation you deserve for your injury.  The cold hard facts are that once an offer is accepted, in most cases you may not be able to continue the claim any further regardless of your circumstances.  Therefore you should always seek professional advice before accepting an offer of compensation.

The services of an Accident Injury Attorney can be very valuable when it comes to determining your entitlements.  An Accident Injury Attorney Specializes in Injury Compensation Claims and can provide crucial information which can make a difference of thousands of dollars to your claim. The process can also be a lot less stressful if you have someone to answer all your questions and help complete the necessary forms that can be a challenge on their own.

If you do wish to use an Accident Injury Attorney, it is important to appoint a reputable and experienced person who knows all the ins and outs. The Accident Injury Advice Line can connect you with the right legal expert who practices under the law in your state or territory.  An Injury Advice Line can also provide free advice to help you initialize the whole claims process and start securing your future.

For a free case review and to find out what you can claim call 1800 188  784 today!

Need to lodge a road accident claim? Take the hard work out of it!

Aside from the obvious physical and psychological trauma from being involved in a road accident, one frustrating fact remains – they’re a lot of hard work! Car insurance issues aside, being injured in a road accident involved pursuing an accident claim which is time consuming and stressful. In a time when you’d like to be getting back to work and moving on with your life, you may find yourself bogged down in the legal process of your accident claim.

Furthermore, spending so much time on pursuing your claim alone will detract from your road accident recovery, placing unnecessary stress on you. This could exacerbate your injuries – shouldn’t this be a time where you only have to take care of yourself and work towards recovery?

For these reasons, it is always an excellent idea to contact a car accident injury lawyer. The best way to do is to contact an Accident Injury Compensation hotline. In dealing with an road accident injury claim, you cannot expect to well-informed on the subject unless you’re an expert in that field.

Compensation law varies enormously from State to State or Territory and can drastically vary from case to case, entirely dependent on the situation.  There may be mitigating factors surrounding your road accident that could work to your benefit – without having consulted with a car accident injury lawyer, how could you know?

Though it may be hard working dealing with your own compensation claim, effort certainly isn’t the only factor. Without expert knowledge in the field, you may be setting yourself up to lose tens of thousands of dollars in potential compensation without even realising it.

In general, insurance companies first offer you the bare minimum settlement they are obliged to offer, regardless of whether or not you may be able to receive much more. Without having consulted with a car accident injury lawyer, how would you know what is and isn’t an appropriate settlement amount?

Accident Injury Compensation hotlines are set up specifically to direct you through to the most relevant experts to your situation. Speaking to a hotline expert will place you in contact with a car accident injury attorney who specialises in your location, has experience relevant to your accident and who can help you as soon as possible.

Car accidents are a stressful experience at the very best of times. Why take on your claim by yourself if it means more hard work, more stress and more often than not, less money? Help yourself today by contacting Accident Injury Compensation hotline to find out how best to combat your road injuries with the best accident compensation advice.

Vehicle and Car Accident Injury Lawyers-Fight for More Compensation

What Car Accident Lawyers or Accident Injury Lawyer can actually do for youVehicle and Car Accident Injury Lawyer

As thousands of dollars in accidents compensation goes unclaimed each year it’s the insurance companies who are winning hands down as people fail to engage car accident lawyers.

Car accident victims are missing out on accident injury compensation and the situation is ludicrous. The insurance companies increasing their profits whilst they battle it out for market share. Offering low payouts particularly when it comes to injury payouts are common practice.

Without car accident lawyers, this unclaimed accident injury compensation occurs every day as people remain unaware of their legal rights. It’s the Australian community who are missing out.

When a road accident has occurred the normal response is to report the incident to the police, seek medical attention and lodge a claim. While this is all good, the next most important step is what most people are missing. This next very important step is seeking independent accidents advice from an accident injury helpline. For further information click here or to contact us or call 1300 430 834 to be connected with car accident lawyers.

Accessing free injury helpline services

An injury helpline can be extremely useful providing free information, claim forms and free fact sheets. These services are provided free to the community. In addition to these services an accident injury helpline may also connect you with a car accident lawyer or car accident lawyers.

When you have sustained injuries as a result of a road accident, car accident lawyers can make a significant difference to the outcome of your injury compensation claim. The difference in a payout might actually be tens of thousands of dollars in compensation. This is money thrown away and back into the pocket of an insurance company.

Negative attitudes and the idea of accident injury lawyers being expensive are contributing factors to people not obtaining their full entitlements.

While some car accident lawyers are emotionally detached or considered money grabbing most car accident lawyers are very professional and in such a profession to help people. We may all need a policeman or a lawyer at some time in our life and it’s up to us to make the best decision for ourselves and our family to seek help when we need it most.

If you were told ok, you have a broken neck. You won’t be able to work again and you have been offered a lump sum payout by the insurance company involved. At this stage you are given two choices;

Option 1; Take what the insurance company has offered. It’s a lump sum i.e. $20,000 and it will help you straight away with losses and expenses. Once you have accepted an offer, it may be the end of any future right to claim.


Option 2; Contact an injury helpline and get the offer reviewed. They will connect you with car accident lawyers who will advise you to engage them to fight for more. Your injury compensation payout might be over $200,000.

The more the community become aware of their rights they can receive the full accident injury compensation entitlements for themselves and their families.

If you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered road injuries it is extremely important to obtain independent information from an injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline. Call 1300 430 834 for free information, forms and advice.

Road accident Claims; – Passengers unaware of their right to claim too

Road Accident Claims For Accident Injury Compensation

When road injuries have occurred the passengers seem to get medical attention make a claim accident injury compensationand that’s it. What many do not realise is that their injury might become an ongoing problem and exist for many years to come.

In such cases the passenger must obtain injury compensation. Accident injury compensation will help with future costs and expenses relating to the sustained road injuries. Click here to find out what you can claim or call 1300 430 834.

Generating awareness

Road injuries may impact a persons’ life in a number of ways. When it comes to permanent injuries it’s important to plan ahead. Thinking about what expenses might you be faced with down the track has to be considered. Also whether or not you will be returning to work will impact your level of income AND your ability to maintain a given level of income.

Future foreseeable expenses

If you cannot return to the same place of work you may find yourself having to re-train for a new career path. Education and training might be a future foreseeable expense.

You might require home help such as cleaning, nannies, gardeners and so on. You might have future therapy and medical equipment costs to consider.

A car accident injury lawyer or vehicle injury lawyer is recommended to get the best possible result from the insurance company concerned.  An accident injury lawyer is in a better position to obtain a fair outcome regarding accident injury compensation.

Reaching out

By reaching out and speaking with the right people you can gain accident injury compensation. It’s important everything has been noted. Below are some essential points it’s worth remembering;

  • Accident injury compensation for road injuries is your legal right
  • The road accident must be reported
  • Road injuries need to be examined and treated by a doctor
  • Everything needs to be documented
  • Photos of the road injuries will support your claim
  • An injury helpline can assist you with information fact sheets and forms
  • A vehicle injury lawyer can make a list of scheduled items past and future
  • Auto accident lawyers offer no win no fee arrangements
  • An injury helpline can connect you with an approved accident injury lawyer
  • One phone call to an injury helpline will put your mind at ease if you are worried about the future
  • Even if the driver in a road accident drives off and is unknown you may still have rights
  • Even if the road accident is partly your fault you may still be entitled to injury compensation
  • An accident injury lawyer takes care of everything including all the paperwork, preparing, negotiating and settling your claim
  • Never accept an offer of injury compensation until you have sought road injuries advice from an injury helpline. One a claim has been accepted it may then be the end of a claim and the end of any future claims

To make a claim or for an independent review click here to contact us or call 1300 430 834. We are here to help every step of the way to ensure you are sufficiently compensated. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and offer minimum payouts. With support you can get everything to which you are entitled and untimately this will help you in the long run.

Work Compensation Information

Get the Work Compensation you deserve to help you get your life back on track

If you have been injured in an accident at work or during travel to or from work, you are entitled to work compensation. If your injury is serious or permanent you may be entitled to a Workers Compensation lump sum payment.

If your injury occurred as a result of negligence AND it is permanent you may be entitled to a common law claim on top of statutory workers compensation. To find out where you stand call the work compensation helpline on 1800 006 766.

Many people are unaware of their rights when it comes to work injuries and work accidents. Workplace injuries are often sustained unnecessarily as a result of negligence. An employer must display a duty of care to his or her employees. If an employee caused the workplace accident an employer may be considered negligent.

Important things to remember to ensure you are sufficiently awarded

  1. Report the work accident to your employer and follow the necessary steps to filing a work compensation claim.
  2. Seek medical attention straight away. This is extremely important even if you do not believe your injury is serious. Sometimes an injury is more serious than it seems, particularly when it comes to head injuries. Follow medical advice given for the best chance of recovery. Medical notes will support your work compensation claim and are important documentation. Click here to make a claim.
  3. Contact an injury helpline for information and advice based on the circumstances of your injury. You will gain a good understanding the work compensation process and your rights.
  4. Never accept an offer of a lump sum payment UNLESS you obtain an independent review of the offer. An injury helpline or a solcititor can assist advising whether the amount is sufficient. A second opinion will shed light on if it is a fair payout.

Workplace injuries not only impact significantly on not only your own wellbeing but also on the wellbeing of others your family, friends and even colleagues.

The fact is a work injury does not have to be in a physical form only, if you are suffering stress, anxiety or symptoms of depression you may also be entitled to make a work compensation claim.

A work injury can be a complex and extremely stressful situation and you need to know your Work Compensation rights in order to make the process as easy and thorough as possible. We have many years experience in this field and our soul focus is to provide you with all of the help you need, answer all of your questions and if necessary find you a reputable personal injury lawyer to assist you with your claim.

A Workers Compensation claim can provide relief in many areas and our job is to make sure you are aware of all of your entitlements which can include some or all of the following;

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering and loss of amenities
  • Loss of superannuation entitlements
  • Out of pocket expenses

If your injury is extensive and you cannot return to your previous role we can work with you to find a job that is within your capabilities.  We can also help you with any personal issues you may have with your boss or even your family that may arise as a result of your Workers Compensation claim.

The Australian Injury Helpline are an independent organisation offering free information, forms and advice to help you every step of the way. Call 1300 430 834 or click here to contact us.

Accident Claims. Never rely on what a car insurance company says

With accident claims, despite what they say whether it’s “Lucky you’re with AAMI” or “Making claims easy” when you are involved in a car accident or road accident that’s not your fault it’s the other drivers CTP insurer who will be paying your claim and not the insurance company you have chosen.

According to a study by Canstar, AAMI and Budget Direct came out on top as the top rated car insurance products in 2012. However, according to their report QBE came out on top for accident claims based on claims services offered such as emergency repairs, arranging accommodation, accident clean up and towing costs. QBE were offering generous amounts for these things which made a real difference to the customer experience.

CTP (green slip) insurers are not the same as third party insurers

With a CTP (Green Slip) insurance policy you have more rights to injury compensation. To find out your rights and how to receive the maximum compensation contact us or call 1300 430 834.

Some accident claims are fault-based and some are not. In some jurisdictions it doesn’t matter who is to blame! If you were traveling to or from work or for work you might also have cover under work compensation.

Car insurance companies really only show their true colour when we have been in an accident. They will either step up to the plate of fall short in the area of claims. This is particularly true when it comes to serious injuries. For serious road injuries there is a broader scope of compensation entitlements available. These may only be obtainable through engaging a solicitor to fight to win a maximum accident claim. If you are involved in an accident where there has been serious road injuries sustained it is very important to get a second opinion on claim entitlements. Independent organisations such as the Australian Injury Helpline offer free information, forms and advice. They will tell you what your full entitlements are under the law and connect you with an approved no win no fee lawyer.

Be wary of a car insurance claim offer

It’s fair to say that insurance companies would rather sell more products and minimise paying out claims.  Some insurance companies minimise risk by increased premiums so claims are covered, so their approach to payouts many vary and some insurance companies are better than others. This is why it is extremely important to get an independent review before accepting or signing anything! Once you have signed you may sign away any future legal rights to an accident claim.

Members of claims staff at car insurance companies are given bonuses to keep payouts as low as possible. But when a person injured badly in a car accident can’t walk again or ever return to work, he will need a sufficient payout more than anyone. If he doesn’t get compensated fully the financial burdens caused by the road injuries may cause even greater turmoil.

Road accidents are usually always caused by another person’s negligence. It is important to get everything to which you are entitled to under the law. Sufficient compensation is much needed in the case of road deaths and debilitating road injuries.

Insurance companies can be pretty frugal when paying out insurance claims. Never rely on what a car insurance company says. Get a second opinion. Be informed and get connected by contacting an injury helpline. Click here to contact us or call 1300 430 834.

Road injuries you have a fighting chance with a solicitor

Need a solicitor?

An accident can happen at any time and usually when you least expect it. Road injuriesUnless a person has suffered serious road injuries they may never really know or fully understand what another person is going through.

The pain of road injuries is bad enough but on top of that, accident victims have the emotional trauma and devastation of what’s happened to them. Then, there is also the fear and anxiety of how the injuries will heal and whether or not they will have a permanent impact on physical health or mobility. And to top it all there is the financial impact of their injuries.

A person with road injuries may not be able to return to work. There may be a decrease in income and medical bills to worry about. These are a lot of changes to deal with all at once and it’s a harrowing time for anyone in such a position. This person may require a solicitor.

When a person has suffered road injuries they may be entitled to accidents compensation or injury compensation. This accidents compensation will assist you on the road to recovery whatever your medical or rehabilitation needs.

Car accidents across Australia occur on the road and different laws apply in each State or Territory. As the laws are different you will need a solicitor who specialises in your specific region. There are schemes in all States and Territories to cover injuries arising from uninsured and unknown vehicles.

What will a solicitor do for you?

A solicitor will obtain accidents compensation to make sure you get the accidents compensation you deserve!

Your solicitor will take care of all the accidents compensation paperwork. Preparing your claim with a list of scheduled items you are claiming. This list of items will include all losses past, present and future forecasted losses. Accidents compensation claims will be require all the necessary supporting documents. A solicitor will then submit your claim to the insurance company. All communications will need a response and your solicitor will take care of all forms of communications.

A solicitor will represent you in negotiations and negotiate your claim on your behalf.  Most solicitors settle injury compensation claims out of Court. These out of Court settlements account for 95% of injury compensation claims. However, in cases of unsettled claims your solicitor will begin the litigation process.

Once the litigation process has begun, your solicitor will continue to negotiate your accidents compensation claim.  This means they will prepare your case for trial, mediation and arbitration.

Many solicitors who take on your accidents compensation case will act on a no win no fee basis. To be connected to a no win no fee solicitor you can contact an injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline.

No win no fee usually means there are no costs or fees to worry about until the end of your claim. Costs and fees are only once you have received your compensation.

A solicitor will only take your accidents injuries compensation claim on a no win no fee basis is they are confident you will win. Also they won’t take it on if it is not in your best interests financially to do so.

A solicitor has a duty to prepare a good case and preparation is key. Building a solid case with supporting reports and statements will ensure success.

Work with your solicitor to get the best results for you. Always be honest, provide all the facts to the best of your knowledge and attend appointments on time. Particularly keep all appointments with medical specialists such as physiotherapists as this is critical to your health and your road injuries claim. To discuss your matter with a solicitor call 1300 430 834.