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Accident Injury Compensation is a free advice injury helpline service available for Australians to connect you with expert solicitors to fight your compensation case against insurance companies for your benefit. Call Now 1300 430 834

Know your rights to compensation!

Since establishment in 2000, Accident Injury Compensation has successfully connected many Australians to solicitors that specialise in motor accident injury claimsAccident Injury Compensation work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and are here for your benefit.Accident injury compensation helpline logo

Our injury helpline offers free independent information and advice on motor accident claims and compensation to those who have been injured in Australia, on the road, at work or in a public place.

As an independent organisation the injury helpline is not run by lawyers or insurance companies, but by every day people just like you who speak in your language.

The helpline has you the injured persons’ best interest in mind. Their objective is to get justice and maximum compensation for people injured in a motor vehicle accident or a work related accident.

So many individuals remain unaware of their legal entitlements to compensation and miss out on compensation they are legally and rightfully entitled to. Even if an injury doesn’t strike you as severe initially, it may pose a health issue to you in the future which must not be ignored. The insurance company do often limit payouts to injured victims and the Australian Injury Helpline believes in fighting for all just entitlements.

As all the laws are different between each State and Territory it is important to speak to the right accident injury specialist and the Australian Injury Helpline can assist you in this regard.

Our services

All services offered by the Australian Injury Helpline are free. Services nclude:

This website is owned and operated by the Australian Injury Helpline. The helpline was founded in 2000 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

The purpose of the Australian Injury Helpline is to assist people who have been injured in an accident with free support regarding the law.

If you have been injured at work, click here for more information on Work Compensation. At Accident injury Compensation we can assist with any type of injury claim.

Never accept an offer of a lump sum payment unless you have received independent advice or adviec from an accident injury lawyer. Once you have accepted this could be the end of the claim and the end to any future rights. By being aware of your rights and entitlemens you may be in a better position. Dealing with and injury can be painful and upsetting as can dealing with insurance companies. Contact the motor vehicle accident division at the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 today. Remember strict time limits apply contact Accident Injury Compensation today.