A serious accident caused by a negligent driver raises all sorts of issues pertaining to accident injury compensation

There are many issues that arise following a motor vehicle accident. You may be asking yourself various questions such as:

  • What if I don’t know who is at fault?
  • What happens if I don’t get the drivers details?
  • What if you were partly to blame?
  • What is negligence?
  • What is a CTP Green Slip?
  • What am I entitled to claim under the law other than the damage to my car?

    negligent drivers and accident injury compensation

These questions need to be answered and explained in a way you will easily understand. These types of issues can lead to much more anxiety than what you are already experiencing as a result of the accident.

Making a claim for motor accident injury compensation – How to make a claim

In order to make a claim for accident injury compensation there are processes that need to be followed. Here is how the claims process works; – first any incident must be reported and medical attention must be sought. These things are crucial otherwise there may be no proof of accident or injury ultimately this will affect your claim. Call 1300 430 834 to make a claim.


Injury compensation entitlements

Finding out what you may claim can be a tricky task and a good question is where is the best place to start? An Accident Injury Helpline is a good starting point. As an independent organisation they will assist with providing forms, free information and if you need legal advice they will arrange a recommended lawyer to contact you to discuss your matter further.

Injury compensation benefits

Injury compensation benefits might include reimbursement of hospital and medical expenses, payment of your salary or wages whilst you are off work, rehabilitation expenses, travel expenses and any other financial

losses or out of pocket expenses you may have incurred as a result of your injury or accident. If your injury happened on the way to of from work you also may be entitled to work compensation benefits. Once you have spoken with an accident injury helpline you will gain a better understanding of the benefits you are entitled to.

Determining negligence

The job of a lawyer is to determine negligence for this is not your job. Never assume you know who is to blame. Even if you think it was your own fault, determining negligence is the job of a lawyer. Never believe an accident was your fault until you have spoken with a lawyer. Often parties can share blame although you may still be compensated.

Contributory negligence

What is it contributory negligence? This is a term used for people who share negligence.
It might affect your injury compensation claim and if you have contributed your injury compensation will be reduced accordingly.

Contact an injury helpline for free information, forms and advice and to gain access to recommended vehicle injury lawyers whereby you can obtain free legal advice.

Important things to remember!

• Always report the accident to the police – strict time limits apply
• Always get medical attention straight away
• Follow the doctors advice
• Always contact an accident injury compensation helpline as soon as possible following the accident to find out your rights and the correct procedures

Call 1300 430 834 to make a claim today or click here to contact us.

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